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High Point Regional Health New Volunteer Orientation Test

Please read the following questions and mark the correct answers. Information to help you with the answers is provided in your folder.

The mission of High Point Regional is to provide exceptional health services to the people of our region.*


Which of the following are methods for preventing the spread of infection?*


If you are injured while volunteering, report the incident to your supervisor so they can complete an occurrence form.*


Contact Security at extension 2249 for which of the following reasons:*


The number to call to activate any emergency preparedness plan is 3333.*

Match the following definitions with the emergency codes below:

A.    Fire
B.    Infant abduction
C.    Bomb threat
D.    Major disaster plan
E.    Manpower code
F.    Tornado or severe weather
G.   Cardiopulmonary arrest


The accurate response for a fire emergency can be remembered with the acronym RACE. RACE stands for the following:*


Someone you know is admitted to the hospital. You should not ask them what is wrong with them, and unless they give their permission, you may not tell anyone you saw them here. This also applies when fellow volunteers are admitted to the hospital.*


When pushing a patient in a wheelchair, make sure to do the following:*


Volunteers are not permitted to enter rooms of patients listed as Contact Precaution (isolation).*


First impressions influence a customer’s decision to use HPRHS services in the future. What would you say “approachable” look like?*


What should you do if you lose or forget your volunteer nametag?*


I have read and understand the volunteer handbook.*

Volunteer Pledge:

I am here because there is a customer.

I will be tolerant, respectful, and kind.

I will be sensitive to feelings of others.

I will always do more than is expected.

I am committed to adding value to the services I give my customer.

I will be a contributing member of the team.

I will role model the Volunteer Pledge*