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Reasons to Volunteer

Students who volunteer while in college are more likely to be committed to:

  • their communities
  • helping others in times of difficulty
  • promoting racial and ethic understanding
  • influencing social values
Volunteering also influences the developments of important life skills among undergraduates, including:
  • leadership skills and abilities
  • social self-confidence
  • critical thinking skills
  • conflict resolution
Finally, volunteering while in college positively affects an undergraduate's academic development, including:
  • knowledge gained
  • grades earned
  • degrees sought and preparation for attending graduate school
  • time devoted to academic endeavors
A.W. Austin, L.J. Sax and J. Avalos (1999). "Long-term Effects of Volunteerism during the Undergraduate Years." The Review of Higher Education, 22(2):187-202.2