Would the real Mary please stand up?


I tried to submit some professional ad copy to a local business publication. I say, "tried" because they called to say my photo got messed up when I emailed it and could I please bring them an original. I drove there with the CD on which the photo was saved. When I walked in, the editor looked at me in shock and said, "It WAS your picture!" She thought It had gotten stretched out or something because my face looked so different. I suppose a day might come when I get tired of this response, but I can't imagine when that might be!

I also took some of my favorite blazers and other jackets to a dressmaker today to get them taken in several inches. I gave just about everything away, but some of them I just could not part with. I never had clothes altered before, either. Life is full of "firsts" now.

Here is an old closeup from March, 2002 and another from a few weeks ago. Notice I wear red now! And when I smile, my cheeks no longer push my glasses up. Even I can't get over the difference in my face. Thank you, Dr Dasher!



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