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I have been shopping for a dress appropriate for the wedding. I don't want the traditional white gown, since it is a second marraige for both of us, and I am, after all, 58 years old. I do want to look spectacular. I feel pretty! My best friend is helping me find a dress. She helped me pick out one or two, then I went into the dressing room to try those on. They had sleeves or jackets because that's what I always wore, to cover my arms and too well-padded shoulders. Then there was the fat pad on my back at the base of my neck. Well! once I was in that dressing room, I was at Kelly's mercy. She kept handing more dresses through the barely-opened door, each getting skimpier and skimpier. I am now seriously looking at strapless dresses! Never, ever would I believe I'd even consider them, but I look good in them!

My only problem area is the midriff bulge and jelly belly, so whatever I get needs to be fuller there or loose. We'll find it.

This is fun! I'm thinking teal or dark rose pink for color...



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