Well, it has been a while since I have posted. Things are going great! I feel wonderful and really can see a difference now in my body. I still have moments where I want it to all be gone NOW. I am a very impatient person. I know when God handed out patience, he completely passed me over. I remind myself when I get frustrated that I never would be where I am right now without the MGB surgery. I am down 65 lbs.!!!!!! Wow! Absolutely amazing!

I did develop what is called a superficial blood clot in my leg…it is on the back of my leg right above the back of my knee. I went to my doctor immediately, when I first realized it was there. I had some pain and looked to see and there was what looked like a bruise but had a real hard center, like a marble. I was scared until I realized there was a difference between a DVT and the kind I have. I have had a lot of hair loss…. and it is kind of freaking me out. I am taking Biotin and I was also told by the clinical staff to use Head and Shoulders Shampoo, it contains zinc, which is beneficial for hair loss. I usually style my hair pretty heavily because it is naturally curly and I wear it straight! But since I have started losing my hair, I wear it curly because it is a lot less brushing, which is when it comes out. It also comes out when I wash it. I will say it is scaring me, but I will deal with it and hope for the best. The manual says it is to be expected, but I still don’t like it. I know it will stop eventually!

I went on a 4-day trip with my daughters competition cheerleading group. It was fun, but the funniest thing, there were about 11 chaperones and when we would drop off the girls at night for practice we would usually go out to eat or go get dessert, etc. There were 3 women there who knew I had had the surgery, because their daughters were on my daughter’s team last year. Anyway the other mothers kept looking at my plate and what I was eating; finally one of them asked what the deal was. After that, there were tons of questions, for about an hour or so. They all mentioned someone they knew that they wish would have the surgery. Some mentioned people they knew some who had had gastric bypass of some kind and were doing okay but were not as educated as myself. Yes, I felt proud! I told them of all the work we had to do before getting accepted for surgery and everyone of them was more impressed than before! They all wanted to know if I had any regrets…. NOT ONE REGRET!!!!!



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