Three weeks out


My skin is drying out horribly! I was startled when I looked in the mirror this morning to see deep creases around my mouth, under my eyes and in my forehead. My skin is flaky. My whole body feels like I need to bathe in olive oil. I posted something about this on the MGB forum, and lots of kind souls answered with suggestions of showering with sugar, salt or buffing creams of all kinds. That will remove the dead skin and I’ll look better, but I am concerned about how to keep from getting this dry. Another suggestion was to take 6 fish oil capsules a day. That makes sense to me. It would be like eating fish every day and getting those great omega-3 oils that are so good for circulation, heart function and other good things like healthy skin! Maybe it would help if I ate fish, too. I need to drink more, too. I still can’t find a Gatorade that I like enough to actually enjoy drinking, but I found spring water with fruit flavorings. That doesn’t have the good stuff that is in Gatorade, but at least I’ll drink it. Got to keep hydrated.

Weight loss has slowed down, too. It isn’t a pound a day now, but I am down about 23 pounds.



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