Specialist - (Journal Date: 2/28/05)


Again, I was very fortunate to have worked with an excellent oncologist at the Baptist Medical Center. The essence of our conversation revolved around the three (3) types of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) that I was going to be tested for:

(1.) Mantel Cell - only occurs in 5% of all cases
(2.) DLBCL - Diffused Large "B" Cell Lymphoma
(3.) CLL/SLL - Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma

We talked about highly technical stuff to the extent that I was interested and could understand. We talked about abnormal chromosomes (11 & 14), and how protein was manifesting itself on the outside of the cancer cell walls.

The comforting news that I remember from our meeting was that cancer was not contagious and this cancer was not hereditary. I felt relief knowing that this would not be passed on to the girls, but also that there would be relief in telling my parents that this was not their fault. The appointment finished up with scheduling additional testing including blood chemistry work, a PET Scan, and a MUGA Test to determine if my heart could take the strong chemo that I was likely to have.



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