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I was reading my own blog (I recommend it to all writers who wish to punish themselves) and realized I had not mentioned the results of my sleep study.

How thoughtless!

Seriously, I got a call from my pulminologist just a couple of days ago to tell me the study showed my sleep apnea had improved enough to reduce the air pressure in half! Now, I just have to wait for all of the insurance paperwork and red tape to align themselves with the third moon of Jupiter and I'll be able to set an appointment to have my c-pap altered.

And then I'll be able to sleep soundly again!

I do have to report that after yesterday's cheery, syrupy optimism, I found myself last night starring in an episode of "Eat too much and pay the price." I had to spit up an entire mouthful of food, and spent most of the evening motionless on the couch waiting for the pain to go away and the urge to vomit to vanish.

For those of you just entering the post-op phase and those of you about to become a post-op pal, please head the wise words of Lisa when she tells you to listen to your body. This is figurative, so there are plenty of sounds your body makes that it is entirely pointless to make an effort to listen to.

But here's my advice for the day: When you are seeking patient letters from the 10 contacts you have to make, please ask everyone what his or her sign is that they've eaten enough. It's different for everyone, and you'll probably want to know a number of signs that others have to help you identify yours.

Some people I've spoken with say that they begin to sweat when they've had enough. Myself, I start to feel a pressure at the bottom of my throat and top of my chest.

That's enough for today. Have a fantastic weekend, and thanks again for reading.

Good luck and keep fighting.



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