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Quite a bit has happened since my last entry following Chemo No. 5. I am staying very active and we did take a wonderful trip to San Francisco with the girls. They were so excited flying on a plane, the weather was terrific, and we made some great memories together in California.

The first day, we toured Alcatraz and after the girls went in the jail cells and looked into the D-blocks (solitare confinement) we had some pretty well behaved gals.

We walked about one-third of the way across the Golden Gate Bridge, checked out the sequoia trees at Muir Woods, sampled the fruit of the vine in Wine Country (Napa Valley), got inspired by the Lone Cypress Tree at Pebble Beach and the scenic drive to Big Sur. We enjoyed the cable cars, Pier 39, and ate fresh crab at the Fisherman's Wharf. I even got to show the family where I flew my Hang Glider; from Glacier Point (7,000 ft.) in Yosemite National Park some 25-years earlier. After renting bicycles and riding around Yosemite Valley for 5 hours, we ate at the Yosemite Lodge overlooking the 2,450 foot waterfalls. Beautiful!!

To top off the trip, we volunteered to give up our seats on the over-booked flight home, which gave us an extra day in San Francisco, a complimentary dinner and hotel room, first-class seats on the flight home, and four (4) free round-trip tickets for another family vacation!!!

Of course the food in San Fran was outstanding, so now I have gained 22 lbs. since the start of treatment. I started off exercising at the HPRHS Fitness Center, but have stopped going since I tend to save my energy for mowing the grass, family activities, and of!! I am very much looking forward to getting past my last chemo and getting back to working out and dieting to shed the weight.

My side effects are very similar to previous treatments, but each chemo is tougher to bounce back from. Tomorrow is the beginning of my final Chemo No. 6. I still have a little hair on the sides of my head, but the top looks like a thinned out porcupine...having a bad hair day!!!

My doctor is watching the results of my blood tests carefully. There is an enzyme that is given off by the liver when it is being damaged, and my numbers have been fluctuating. It is common for the numbers to be effected by chemo. At any rate, I sure hope the chemo treatments don't cause any liver problems. Oh well, nothing good can come from worrying about it now....we'll just keep the faith and trust that things will return to normal.

I'm ready to begin my final chemo tomorrow!!!



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