Porta-Cath Removed - (Journal Date: August 29, 2005 )


On Thursday, August 18th I had an appointment to see a surgeon about getting my porta-cath removed. You probably recall that my original surgeon retired, so I thought that I was going to have a consultation with a replacement surgeon, but he said that we could just go ahead and take it out right now!!! After going through anesthesia and an operating room to put it in, I was quite surprised how none of that was necessary to remove it.

So we went ahead and proceeded to remove it. Local anesthesia was given and he made an incision right over the previous incision and removed the scar tissue. I experienced some minor discomfort and I could feel the pulling of the tube from my chest as he removed it, but it was nice to have it out!!! He stitched me up and I was able to play a little golf later that day, but I wouldn't recommend it. Stitches were removed six days later.

I did get back to my dentist today and was pleasantly surprised that everything looked good. It was wonderful to get a cleaning again. I have read that chemotherapy can be tough on your teeth and gums, but fortunately I did well over the past six months.

My hair is coming back nicely. It is still salt and pepper colored, but seems to have more white and gray than before. I'd say it is getting to be one-half inch long everywhere and it is getting much harder to see my scalp finally!!!

I am beginning to try to take off the weight that I gained through the course of treatments and taking prednisone, but it isn't coming off as easily as it once did. Exercising on the elliptical trainer at the HPRHS Fitness Center is still my first choice followed by weight lifting. I do get tired and I have been advised to take it easy for now. I'll have to show more will power on eating less to make any real progress on the wasteline.

My three month CT Scan is scheduled for about mid-October. I know that will be a stressful time, but I am confident that everything will still be clear.



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