New boots


Shopping is much more fun now. Last night, I did all of my Christmas shopping. Got home around 1 AM. I had fun because my legs didn't hurt, my back wasn't screaming in pain, but I think my Master Card was. For every gift I bought, I picked up at least one thing for me. I deserve presents, don't I?
For years, I could not wear tall boots. My calves were too wide. Even wide-calf boots didn't fit right because they were too wide in the foot. WELL, I am now the proud owner of 1 new pair of black boots and one new pair of brown. Both go to my knees and both fit like a glove. I will be stylin' now and warm! I am so excited!
I also now own a few more sweaters, 2 more pair of Docker slacks (size 12, she says smugly) some fleece tops and a few games to keep me busy in the winter.
I have another holiday party to attend this week. Dressing up is so much more fun now. Last week, I wore a beautiful black and silver jacket with a short black swing skirt and very adventurous strappy, black heels to a holiday party, and the reaction from those folks who had not seen me since last year was as predicted. One woman told me she heard my voice, turned to look for me and couldn't find me. Someone else had to point me out to her. She said she was stunned and SO proud of me. She is a tiny little thing, maybe 90 pounds soaking wet. She's always been tiny. We had a serious conversation about the MGB and she thought it was wonderful that I told people how I lost the weight instead of claiming I just ate less. As she said, "There are so many people out there who could benefit from this operation. They need to know about your success and that this can be done and still be healthy and turn out looking beautiful." Her words, honest. I never get tired of talking to people about how wonderful this is.



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