N. Myrtle Beach Golf - (Journal Date: 5/2/05)


Since the 10th annual Mountain Golf Trip was going to be postoned to allow us to participate in the Relay for Life, my friends put together a quick golf trip to Bay Tree Golf Club at North Myrtle Beach. This place is special to me because it is where I got certified as a golf teaching professional in March 2002. My doctor already approved me to go if I felt up to it. My youngest brother flew in from Minnesota to spend some time with me and join in the festivities.

What a great time with 12 of us at the beach. We played each of the three golf courses at Bay Tree over the three days. The golf was fantastic even if the scores were not. The wind was blowing 20-30 mph and if you didn't hit it well, it might get caught up in the wind and come back and hit you in the head....FORE!!

Afternoons were spent checking out some of the local shrimp and oyster bars. Of course some of us were trying to figure out why anyone would want to put those slimy things in his mouth...(raw oysters). Each evening found us eating plenty of seafood and heading back for some friendly card games of blackjack and texas hold 'em poker until the wee hours of the morning.

By the end of the third day, on the last green, a dear friend of mine put his arm around me and said he wasn't sure how I was doing it. His wife had lost a battle with cancer just a few years earlier and he had some idea of what I was going through. His compliment about how I was taking the disease and the treatments in stride like I wasn't even sick was very touching. At that moment, I realized that I had accomplished my goal of finishing all 54 holes and the joy was overwhelming as I fought back the happy tears.

After sharing some really quality time with my brother, I got him to the airport the next morning. When I got back home, I pretty much crashed and slept for almost 24 hours straight.



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