MUGA Test - (Journal Date: 3/4/05)


The MUGA Test is an "at rest" test to determine the strength and condition of the heart. It is my understanding that the chemotherapy we will be considering for my treatment is strong and could cause irreversible heart damage if the heart is not strong enough. This test will verify that the heart and the ventricles are in good shape and properly pumping blood with no deficiencies.

The MUGA Test involved the extraction of blood from the arm, mixing it with radioisotopes (different type from PET Scan) and allowing the mix to stand in a lead container for 25 minutes. I wasn't too sure about returning this "mix" back into my bloodstream after it had to be in a lead container, but that was the deal!!

A technician then takes several eight (8) minute photos of the heart as it is pumping to evaluate its condition. Again, this is not a bad procedure if you can get past the thoughts of glowing in the dark!!



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