Motorcycle swap meet


What a great weekend! This was the first weekend that we have had decent weather up here in Vermont. It actually felt like summer. The temperatures were in the 70's, the sun was shining, and it was a great weekend for biking.

Saturday I forced myself to rake the lawn, pick up downed branches, cut back perennials. It about killed me, since I kept hearing bikes on the highway not far from my house. I admit, more than once, when I went into the garage for a rake or leaf blower, I gave into the temptation to actually SIT on the bike for a minute. I didn't dare start it up. I had to get my work done first.

Since this was my first day of yard work this year, I didn't know what to expect for stamina. I took several Gatorade breaks, but I did complete everything I planned to get done. I dragged my sore and tired body into the house, took a long, hot shower, followed by a short and wonderful nap. Naps are good. I highly recommend them.

Sunday morning, I fortified myself with a Crystal Light Orange Sunrise and vanilla whey protein shake and loaded my saddlebags with a small cooler, filled with 2 small yogurts, a protein bar and water. I have learned to be prepared, just in case I can't get any food when I need it. My riding group is very social, and we generally stop about every 100 miles anyway on a long ride. Our stops always take at least 20 minutes or more, so I have plenty of time to get in a snack. Today we rode about 130 miles round trip to a bike show and swap meet down state. What a great ride! What amazed me even more was how much I enjoyed walking around the fair grounds in my black jeans, chaps and black tee shirt. I found myself smiling at people who glanced my way instead of looking down. They smiled back. I ran into a couple that I hadn't seen since last fall. She didn't recognize me. Her husband finally reminded her who I was. "You got your hair cut! You look so different!" I get that a lot. I think we are conditioned not to talk about anything below the neck. No one but my closest friends would ever say something like, "Gee, you lost your fat butt!" It is more fun to meet people now and to run into people I haven't seen for a while. Today, I am down 31 pounds. I think I lost 10 in my left leg, 10 in each breast and one in my face. OK, so I temporarily look like a bowling pin, but the bottom will eventually pare down to match the top. I'm still smiling, I feel great and my stamina is up to par. "Fair food" was interesting to eat. I only managed to finish 1/2 of a cheeseburger without the top bun. I bought an order of fries, had about 5 of them and gave the rest away. My riding group knows I don't eat much, so some of them hover around, playing seagulls, willing to grab anything I don't finish. That's fine with me. They share their meals with me, too, so it's all good.

Back to work tomorrow. Time to take my evening meds and go to bed. Goodnight!



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