May 26th: New foods!


Last week, I had a bad time with creaky chicken. I had brought the rest of my meal home, and the next day, it sat in my fridge just begging me to try it again. I looked at it as a science project.....if I ate it more slowly, without the rice, would it be different? It was. I reheated a small amount, cut it into tiny peices and ate it very slowly while watching TV. It went down and settled nicely. OK!

Last night, I had a "Come and see the new bike" pizza party. (Yes, I did buy the bike on Saturday, a 2005 Goldwing trike in bright blue!) Pizza is easy to do for those events, since I never know how many might show up. I can keep throwing pizza in the oven as long as people keep coming. Problem is, I said that without thinking that I wasn't even sure I could eat pizza! I have a theory about eating "slippery" foods that could cause pain by entering my intestines too fast. I eat salad first. I figure the salad should slow down anything that wants to pass too fast. So, I started out with a good salad, then had a slice of pizza. No problem. Yippee! Later in the evening, I had a Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich. No problem with that, either. This morning, I stopped at McDonald's and got a sausage bisquit with egg. It took me 45 minutes to eat half of it, but it tasted yummy and no problem.

I still can't get used to eating so little before I get full. There are times when I am so hungry when I get home from work, I swear I could chew my way through the front door to get to the kitchen. I'll prepare a "real meal", feeling absolutely famished, but after a few bites, I am all done. I know in my brain that I can only eat 1/2 of a boneless porkchop and a few forks full of mashed potatoes, but my hunger tells me I'll want more "this time". The adage, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" was never more true.

The only things I haven't tried yet are pasta and egg rolls. So far, I can eat about anything. I'm not sure that's all bad. I eat significantly less of anything than I used to. I do more "grazing" than I probably should, especially in the evening. If I followed a plan like weight watchers, I could lose weight faster, I think, but this is a life style, not a diet. I'm not in a contest with anyone. My body is shrinking, the scale reflects lower numbers, and I feel really good and happy. Today, I weight 208. 41 pounds gone in 2 1/2 months. You can't see me, but I am smiling!



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