May 17th 2005


Things continue to progress very well with my weight loss and my health. I had my first MGB get together on Saturday. It was nice, I really enjoyed meeting the others and there was a pre-op there, which I really enjoyed. It is a good feeling to be able to pass on information that may help them along their journey. I hope that we continue to get together; everyone talked about trying to do it every other month.

I started to work out again at the gym this past week. I have a personal trainer that I am going to use 3 days a week. About two years ago, I did this before for 9 months religiously with the same trainer and did a slight diet; I only lost 20 lbs. Now, we will see some real results! My schedule is cardio 6x a week, and weight training 3x a week. I am excited about it. I really liked going to the gym before. It got a little frustrating because I wasn’t losing a lot of weight, but it will be different this time. Hiring a trainer is definitely not cheap, but it is my health we are talking about. I hope to train with her for about 3 months and then try to get knowledgeable enough to do it on my own. But for now, she is not only helping me with something I don’t know much about, she is a huge discipline factor.
We are going out of town in a couple of weeks to visit my in-laws in San Antonio, Texas, our annual trip. I am looking forward to going. I am also excited about eating some real Mexican food. I can eat some real stuff in small portions! Nothing to worry about though, I am a new person when it comes to food. We drive to Texas, all of us flying there is obnoxiously expensive, plus I like to have a car while we are there. I thought the other day about the road trip, fast food for every meal basically. But I am going to pack some snacks, meal replacement bars, etc. to help me. Plus, I can do the chicken breast (no bread), salads, or Wendy’s chili. So I will be fine. I am also going to pack a cooler with fruit and some cheeses! No problem, just another part of my new lifestyle!

The workouts have been going good; I am extremely sore today though. I did a lower body workout yesterday and I am feeling it today. Oh well, worth it in the long run.



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