Livin' on love


I haven't posted for a while. My weight loss had stalled, so not much to say. That is now changing. I met a wonderful man just over a week ago. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and what we expected might be a 20 to 30 minute "meet and greet" ended when the restaurant closed. We hadn't noticed that everyone else was gone! We have seen each other every day since then. We have met each other's best friends. We both feel like we are teenagers again. I am all giggly and silly, not at all my normal corporate manager self. In the past 9 days, I have lost 6 pounds!

It is sure a great way to break the plateau I was on. I am not hungry at all, just smiling and finding it hard to concentrate on work.

I really had hoped that once I lost weight, I'd met someone. I wasn't sure it would happen, since I am not a spring chicken. Now, I find myself in the arms and in the life of a man who is in awe of me and what I have accomplished. He finds it amusing that I don't see the woman he sees. What I mean by that, is he thinks I am pretty, and he tells me that all the time. I still remember the old face I had. My mental image is still the old me. Time will change that for me, I guess, but this is a wonderful thing!

His name is Steve, and he admits that if he had ever met me at my old weight, he would not have noticed me in a crowded room or grocery store or anything. He says larger women just don't register on his radar screen and he apologizes for that. I understand that the psyche of most men is to target those tiny waisted women. The rest of the female population is just invisible to them. And this is a very aware man, very respectful of women and not one who objectifies women, but he can admit that his eye was always drawn to a certain figure. It's in the genes. I'm not quite one of those yet, but it doesn't seem to matter to him now. I was attractive enough to interest him in talking to me for 4 hours. He was drawn to my confidence and asured way of presenting myself. That self didn't used to exist! It is all a by-product of the MGB. Watch out world! Thank you, Dr Dasher!



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