Let the laughing begin


You just knew after that last post that the weight loss would begin again, didn't you?

Talk about timing - I've been sitting at the same weight loss mark for over a month, and all it took was to write about it. Because as soon as you put something in writing (or in pixels in this case) God is going to have His little laugh.

At any rate, I woke up the morning after I wrote that last little ray of sunshine that was my last post to find out I have lost three more pounds. In ONE day. That puts me at the 69 pound mark since the surgery, and 85 lighter than where I started the year.

My good friend Michelle had a good question about whether or not I was afraid leading up to the surgery. It's a really good question, especially in light of the fact that some people die from this procedure.

I'm no doctor (and I don't even play one on TV) but here's my perspective on the subject. After all, my parents and my wife had similar concerns about bariatric surgery.

The last time I looked, the national mortality rate for bariatric surgery was somewhere around 1 per cent. If I recall correctly, that ranked it below hip surgery for mortality percentages. Hip surgery!

But the true bottom line to this is that the mortality rate for NOT doing something about obesity is out the roof. Not only does the quality of living increase substantially, but you gain a much, much higher chance of living a full life if you have the surgery.

That's why I answered the concerns of my family by telling them I was ready to do something about my weight. And if I died - I would have died trying. But if I didn't try, I definitely would have died. Maybe not that week or that year, but the short life I would have had left would have been so void of the quality I now enjoy.

And now, I've got to do some of that enjoying. Thanks for reading, thanks for your comments and thanks for your friendship.

I wish all of you the best and hope that you keep fighting. It's worth the fight.




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