Las Vegas


Just came back from a vacation in Vegas with a whole group of MGBers. Laughs, tears, hugs, stories and lots of food sharing. It was so inspiring to met such beautiful people, inside and out, and share our experiences. Imagine eating a meal with people who actually understand our tiny servings and need to eat often! Some of these people had lost about 200 pounds. I was teased about being the "lightweight" because I only had to lose 100. Never have I been called a lightweight!

We walked about 10 miles a day with no pain, were able to sit anywhere and not worry about the strength of the chairs or width of the seat. We even got on stage and sang Kareoke! Never would have done that before, either. Life after MGB is so great.

In the past, I would hide whenever a camera was within 10 miles of me. Now, we were all too willing to have photos taken. Here's a picture of me with Elvis!

My weight is holding pretty steady at 178 these days, but clothes are getting smaller. I am even wearing some size 12 pants. Can you see the smile?



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