It's a New Year and a NEW ME!



Finally, I posted some pictures....

the first one is 3 mos. post-op

the "good" one is 9 months post-op

Well, down 114 lbs. now, I am so happy! The scale seems to get STUCK for about 3 weeks and then overnight I am 5 lbs. lighter, but who cares! I am so happy, slow weight loss isn't going to mess with me! Christmas was great! That is probably why the slow weight loss too, I did a little too much nibbling! Nothing horrible, I felt like a normal person would, a little too much sweets, etc. but it never got out of control, ever. I never felt guily, just very aware of what I was eating/snacking on, knowing that it would not get out of control. My husband gave me several items from Victoria's Secret which is exciting!

I cannot begin to explain how good I feel MENTALLY. I am on top of the world! I almost feel stupid because I am so happy for myself and I have to be honest, I am quite full of myself too! I kinda feel selfish, because life is truly all about me! Don't get me wrong, I am taking care of my family, two girls, 15 and 8 and my husband, but I am pretty obsessed with myself. As I am typing this, I am thinking, why not? I have been so ashamed of myself for so many years, why not love myself and let it be all about me, if only for a little while????? I live in a decent size town, but there is a group of "old-timers" (not old people, just long time residents) that gather at a particular restaurant everyday (mon-sat) for breakfast and lunch, yes, I am serious, and my dad is one of them. Well I am very close to my dad and we work together so I join him often for lunch. Well I get the pleasure of some good gentlemen at lunch who have been on this journey with me and are full of compliments and encouraging words several times a week. Sometimes when I am discouraged, it is these friends of my dads who compliment me back into realizing how far I have come. Not to mention that my dad tells everyone...."do you know she has lost 114 lbs., show them your before picture!" He's crazy, but I know he is darn proud of me and the decision I made to really take control over my life. My mom keeps bringing clothes to me to let me have. She moved to the "country" and lives on the lake now and she is getting rid of a lot of her city clothes! It has been YEARS, I'd say fifteen or a little more since I have been able to wear the same size! I take everything, whether I like it or not, just for the fun of it!!!

If you happen to be reading this blog and are still deciding whether or not to have surgery, I hope this blog helps you in some way! Reading the posts on the yahoo message board was great for me when deciding on surgery, but I hope that a close-up into my journey and that of the other people who blog are truly helping you see the miracles that have occurred in our lives. The miracle being the surgeons skills and knowledge and the MGB operation itself. Everyday it is up to us as individuals who have had the surgery to honor this miracle by continuing to follow the guidelines. Everyday I wake up, I am thankful of my surgery and the wonderful life I am living today!



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