Hugs and compliments


Another great day! My weight didn’t change today, but I do feel like I am shrinking. I saw a friend tonight who has not seen me since the MGB was done. She stopped dead in her tracks, hugged me, then put my face between her hands and said something like, “Look at that beautiful face!” Wow. Now, I think a lot of it had to do with my new haircut. I wear makeup now, which I wasn’t doing when she last saw me, and I am taller now . I don’t really care what caused the reaction. I’m just smiling about it. She had known about the surgery, so after seeing me, she asked for the MGB website and the address for the blog so she could spread the word. I feel like a real disciple now!

This was a fish day for me. I had grilled salmon for lunch with a few French fries, and I had tuna salad and veggies for dinner. My plates still look like I just pushed food around, but I had enough to feel satisfied.

Monday will be my 1 month visit with my primary care physician. I can’t wait to see his reaction. I’ll keep you posted.



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