Good Results! - (Journal Date: October 19, 2005)


Today I received good news from my PET/CT Scan that I am still "ALL CLEAR."

This was my first 3-month follow-up scan which consisted of both a PET and CT Scan on a brand new piece of equipment. Dr. Chinnasami was not satisfied with the clarity of the CT portion of the test, so a follow-up CT Scan was scheduled for Nov. 1.

I did share with my doctor that I have been experiencing a numbness and tingling in both of my feet for the past several months. It is similar to the feeling you get when you sit on them and they lose circulation. I've read that another patient had such numbness that it affected her ability to walk. My Doctor did acknowledge that the chemo can have that effect on lower extremities and that it may or may not go away within the next year.

We surprised our chemo nurses with some bagels and had a fun visit. We also informed them that MSNBC was coming down the next day to film a special on patient blogging and that we would see them tomorrow!!



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