Getting Stoned


No, no, no. Get your mind out of the gutter right now. That's not what this posting is about.

Actually, this past Monday I went through my 12th kidney stone, but the first since the surgery. I can confidently tell you they still suck.

The other thing I can confidently tell you is I'm about to butcher the spelling of a whole bunch of drugs.

Speaking of drugs, I did manage to avoid pain medication that had any trace of tylenol or ibuprofen, using instead oxycodone (without the acetemenofin), demoral, dilodid and morphine.

And this was a big stone for me, which made the pain very difficult to make go away. Which made the fog that came after the pain was over even longer to overcome.

The good news is that instead of getting the munchies while I was on pain meds, I actually had no appetite whatsoever and had to force myself to eat.

Another cool thing to happen was when they pulled up my medical records. As a frequent visitor to the E.R. in Matthews, North Carolina, they have pretty good records on me. The last time I visited with a stone, they commented on how that stone looked so similar to the stone I had three years before that. I was unaware this was a source of comparison or fascination for any individual with a life. I digress - sorry. My point is that when you lose 80 pounds from the last visit you made, they tend to notice it and it tends to be a big deal.

Of course, all I wanted was to make the pain go away before I was ready to smile and say thank you, yes I have lost a little weight. So I may have come across as a little less than enthusiastic.

The stone is still inside of me, and could change its position at any time to signal the pain back in me, so I'm trying to be prepared with my arsenal of pain medication.

The research I did leading up to the surgery told me there was nothing that would change my propensity to get stones for the good or the bad.

So I'll take the advice that Gerry Dee (the stand-up comedian from the show Last Comic Standing) wrote to me in the autograph my best friends got for me Monday night -- drink lots of water!

Pictures are coming soon - be warned!

Keep fighting and thanks for reading!!



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