Getting in the food groove


I’m finally into a routine that allows me to get in all the vitamins, meds and protein, but it isn’t very exciting. After my morning jolt of tomato or V8 juice and an assortment of pills, I drink either an Atkins shake or a protein shake made with whey protein, non-fat yogurt, skim milk and a handful of some kind of berries. That gives me about 20 grams of protein. I have a Citrucel chaser. Midmorning, I have 4 oz of yogurt. Lunch time, I sometimes order a salad or kid’s meal from Friendly’s, but even then, I throw most of it away, so I don’t get much nutrition from that. Some days, I have a Snickers Protein bar and get either 20 or 26 grams of protein from that. Mid afternoon, I have another yogurt to tide me over until dinner. With that routine, I manage to stay focused at work and I don’t feel as tired. When I come home from work, I may have the energy to stir fry a few strips of boneless chicken breast. Some nights, it is another shake and a handful of peanuts. I am exhausted when I get home from work and my house looks it! I feel good, but I need to get more energy. I think I need to eat more “real” food, but with as little as I can put in, maybe I’ll always feel that way.



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