Food shopping for New Year's Eve


Costco was crowded with people buying chips, dips, soda, shrimp and all the normal party stuff. My cart looked rather weird! I had grapefruit, a big bunch of red seedles grapes, huge packages of celery hearts, wonderful bright red cherries. I did get some butternut squash ravioli in the freezer section. Can't wait to try those. I also got 2 roasts of beef. One will go in the oven shortly. I am happy at the moment with rare roast beef, lots of veggies and fruit.

The changes the MGB has made in my appetite for food (less) and exercise (more) is amazing. As one of my MGB buddies says, "We don't exercize because we HAVE to. We exercize because we CAN". So true, now that we feel more flexible and don't hurt when we move, it's actually fun!

Happy New Year to all and please have a safe and sane celebration.



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