Eight Week Mark


Yesterday marked eight weeks since the surgery, and what an incredible eight weeks they have been.

I've really slowed down the weightloss lately. I've lost 52 pounds and I'm on day 57. Who can complain about that?

I've been finding my limits to eating a lot lately. And I think my body is learning that stuffing myself is a whole different picture now than it was. It just plain hurts to go too far. I've found myself spitting out a mouthful of food now because I'm getting in touch with the voice in the new stomach telling me when to quit.

Tonight is Friday, which means it's movie night at my house. I started out with seven kids attending, and this past week we had nine. Tonight, I think we're going to have at least 11 - many of the kids in the neighborhood are hearing about this and coming over.

I'm loving the fact I have the energy to interact with these kids. The "old" me would never have started something like this. And if you are considering this surgery, it's hard to really communicate how much your quality of life changes in ways you never would have anticipated.

I had written off most of my inactivity to growing old. I'm only 42, but I figured that was most of the reason I didn't like to participate in life. There are really cool things that have come about from this surgery that I sort of anticipated: the ability to pick things off the floor, the ability to zip up my pants with both hands (they couldn't reach around my belly prior to the surgery), and having my guitars come straight down, rather than looking like I belonged in a mariachi band, etc. But it's the lifestyle changes of having new energy, new confidence levels and just feeling really good that have been the greatest outcome from the surgery.

Okay, the third best outcome. The absolute best outcome has been the resolution of medical issues. I had some candy with some popcorn for movie night last week. I almost didn't take my blood sugar the next day because I was afraid I didn't want to see it and that I'd overreact to it. 104. That's all. And that's an amazing number, considering that three months ago I would wake up every morning to 250 - 290 readings.

The second best outcome is my wedding band fitting, but I already wrote about that last time. And it was really sappy, too.

I'm sleeping quite well lately, although the bathroom calls to me in the middle of the night almost every night. And yes, I still have odoriferous issues. Thank God I have a patient family.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and thanks as always for reading.




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