It’s Easter Sunday. Since I live alone and have no family close by, it’s not a major cooking day for me. I generally go the home of friends for holidays, armed with a casserole or dessert. Strangely, this year there was a comment made that since I don’t eat there was no point in me going there. Who said it was all about food? What about friendship, spending time with “almost family”? I don’t think they understood how it felt to be excluded. In my friend’s defense, her mother in law was cooking, so I think she would have liked an excuse to not be there, either. I think she thought she was sparing me from the company of a woman of whom we are not too fond. Maybe I am being too sensitive.

BUT! Living alone gives one choices, unlike those who are forced to commune with in-laws. Anne, who was also alone that weekend, invited me to join her for Sunday brunch. We went to a neat little place that is really a fabulous bakery that also serves a great breakfast. The choices were endless. I settled for the boring “All American Breakfast” which was 2 eggs, over easy, 2 slices of bacon, 1 slice of homemade bread and home fries. I passed on the orange juice and coffee. I miss them both, but I’m still afraid to try OJ, especially in public in case I get an episode of “dumping”. We ate leisurely, and I finished most of the eggs, 2 pieces of home fries, 1 slice of bacon. Not too shabby! I looked in the glass bakery case, admiring the butter cream bunnies, hot cross buns, fancy cookies and Danish, but my mouth was not watering for them. Very hard to explain.

The weather was sunny and warm, for Vermont at this time of year, so after breakfast we took a ride in the country. I have a summer cottage on a lake in the northeastern part of Vermont. It is very rural with dirt roads. At this time of year, the frost works its way out of the ground at the same time the 6 feet or more of snow melts into the ground, turning the dirt roads into mud bogs. We made it to my cottage, opened the car door and looked down. No, we were not able to get out. The mud was halfway up the tires and we would have just sunk in. I had not planned for that. I figured we could get into the cottage and grill some chicken breasts on the barbeque for lunch. I clearly had my brain altered along with my stomach because I should have known better. Not only did we have to deal with the mud, but the driveway had not been plowed all winter, so the “curb” left by the snow plow at the end of my driveway was about 4 feet deep. No way I could get through that! We had driven 1 ½ hours to get there, and now we had to drive 1 ½ hours to get home. Poor planning on my part, since I can’t go that long without eating something. We stopped at a convenience store. In my old life, “road food” would have meant a big bottle of Coke, a big bag of chips, maybe a chocolate bar, maybe some Twizzlers. Now, all I could find that I dared to get was string cheese and a bottle of Propel water. Yes, I am a cheap date now…… That seemed to hold me over until we got home, but I can’t say I found the cheese especially satisfying. Next time I travel, I’ll be sure to have some sort of protein bar or protein drink in the car. All in all though, a nice day, good weather and great company.



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