Day 16: Oatmeal never tasted better!


Yesterday was day 15 post-op, and that meant soft food! I have never, ever tasted anything as wonderful as oatmeal tasted yesterday. And I never really cared for it before now.

I made a bowl of oatmeal, and ate it in four stages: Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack. Then I feasted for dinner: KFC Mashed Potatoes. I had about four bites, and I was done. I had one bowl of oatmeal and four bites of Mashed Potatoes for the entire day and felt guilty because I ate so much!

And this morning the plateau had finally burst! It took me eating to lose weight again! Doesn't make sense to me, but I'm not going to squabble. Oh, and my blood sugar was 91.

Because I'm now in Phase 2 of the diet plan, I increased my walking route with my dog this morning. We walked for 30 minutes, instead of the usual 20 and it felt really, really good. Scout (my dog) is starting to pick up on the fact I'm walking him first thing in the morning. He's so giddy first thing in the morning like only a dog can be. And some mornings he's become convinced that he knows best when the day should begin.

I cannot believe I'm walking without a) losing my breath after 100 feet, and b) without being in constant pain from my knees and feet and back. I don't dread exercise at all - I look forward to the walks!

I'm noticing all of the small details now from losing weight: I can pick things off the floor, I don't rub against the steering wheel when I drive, I've had to buy a new belt, etc.

This will sound vain (my apologies) but for the first time since the surgery I can see that I've lost weight when I look at myself in the mirror.

It's strange, but I've received a lot of support lately from a group I least expected it. I belong to Mensa, and the topic of Diabetes came up on our email list serv. I gave an account of my story, and exposed the Mensa world to the wonders of MGB. Anyway, the feedback and encouragement from them has been really positive, a very healthy retreat from some of the blowhard philosophical discussions (arguments) in which we normally engage.

Thanks for reading, and my best wishes to those of you considering this surgery.



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