Chemo No. 3 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: 4/22/05)


I feel good and extremely positive that today is the half way point of my treatments. Since the chemo room is usually quiet on Friday afternoons, we invited our oldest daughter to join us for treatment today. She enjoyed meeting the nurses and staff and we made it a fun time. She was able to see for herself how the medicine was administered through Daddy's porta-cath and that the whole process wasn't that bad. I believe it took a lot of the fear and mystery out of chemo treatments for her by being there. We had lunch and frozen yogurt together in the chemo room right before we played cards.

Visited the office after chemo to let everyone know that I was doing fine. They are a great group of folks that are so loving and supportive. They can't believe that I haven't lost all my hair either....and they are starting to get suspicious!!



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