Chemo No. 2 - Wed. Session - (Journal Date: 3/30/05)


I had chemo scheduled for the afternoon, so I borrowed a pick-up truck from a friend in the morning and hauled pine straw and landscaping mulch. It is a beautiful day, so we are getting the house ready for spring.

Today is the Rituxin chemo, which I like the best since it targets the cancer cells directly and I have few side effects. I am getting used to having the porta-cath and it sure makes chemo more convenient. One thing I did learn was to remember to wear a button down shirt to treatments so it is easier for the nurses to access the porta-cath.

I got through this round in just over three hours instead of the usual four hours. Must have been for such good behavior!!!

Felt well enough when I got home to spread out the pine straw and landscaping mulch. Worked almost until dark spreading out several loads and the place looks great. I know I won't feel up to landscaping after the CHOP chemo on Friday.



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