Blogging??? - (Journal Date: 5/15/05)


It is the Sunday after my chemo treatments, which means that I go in for my Neulasta shot after church. I haven't bought or read a newspaper in a couple of years, but today I felt the need to purchase some reading material.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Today's paper had an article on a fellow cancer patient at HPRHS that was using a Web Log (blog) to journal their experiences with cancer and I became fascinated. I immediately could see the benefits of having an opportunity to help others face this difficult journey. I remember how lonely the road started for me as one leaves their "perfect health" world behind and is abruptly thrown into a cancer journey that wasn't asked for and that has no guaranteed outcome.

After discussing the new "blog" project with the HPRHS staff, I signed up within days. I hope that I can be the positive influence to others that I was looking for after my diagnosis and inspire them to take on cancer and WIN!!

Remember that standing together with faith, family, and friends, people can triumph through the experience of cancer. Allow others to help, and by doing so you are helping them. Pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up - Ecclesiates.

I believe that to live our lives with purpose, we need to consider how we can positively influence those around us. The impact that we have on others lives will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The choice was simple for me....Bloggin'

Yesterday I didn't know what it was, and today I are one!!



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