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Many years ago, I was afraid to go to a gym. I figured everyone there would look like they didn't need a gym. I'd look like a hippo in any workout clothes. No way I was going to a gym! Then two years ago, I heard that the gym closest to my house had opened a section for women only. I figured that was for me. After all, wouldn't those tiny ladies in lycra thong things chose to work out where the men were? I was right! Most of the ladies in the Womens' Center were older and were there for better strength and health. No one would poke fun at me there. I lost 35 pounds, I firmed up and looked good, until the fateful day I fell and did nerve damage to my knee. I tried to keep working out, but the trainer had to manually position my left leg, lift it for stretches and sort of do my exercises on that side for me. Very discouraging. That's how I got to the point of needing this surgery in the first place.

Well! Here we are, back in the Womens' Center, greeted with hugs. My trainer promised to be gentle today, just enough to warn the muscles that more was coming. I could do everything she asked, without her physical assistance. My left leg now takes commands from me! Yes, I felt the workout, but it felt wonderful to be back in my old workout clothes instead of baggy sweat pants.

I'll be doing strength training with a trainer 2 days a week. I'll do it at home alone one day each weekend. In between, I'll be doing aerobic stuff like walking on a treadmill or doing the "Walking Away the Pounds" tapes. They may not look like much to the casual observer, but they really are a good workout.

It feels so good to be working out again! The weight will come off faster, I'll keep the flab to a minimum and I will build muscle mass. That's a good thing. Even better, my balance will improve, my stamina will increase, I'll be more agile and flexible. I'll be able to get down on the floor to play with my grandkids, and more important, I'll be able to get back up!

Summer is on its way (but it does come late to Vermont) and I am looking forward to sitting down on the beach to build sand castles, moats and bridges. This year, I look forward to being able to get up and down gracefully. Being able to do little things is such a gift. This is an amazing journey. I really don't want to lose all my weight overnight. I am glad to watch each stage of change and to savor it. This really is a miracle! Oh my goodness....could I be developing patience? That would be a miracle!!



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