April 26th: The sun will come out...


I live alone. Most of the time that's OK, but there are some things that need to be done that are so much easier with an extra hand. This weekend, I had two extra hands! A good friend of mine from Maine arrived on Friday for the sole purpose of doing "manly things" for me. OK, then!! We moved the garden hoses out of the basement and into the yard where they belonged. The garage got better organized, since I had someone to hand things to me while I was on the ladder. My "baby bike", a 125 cc Kawasaki Eliminator, is now running and all cleaned. Time to sell that one to another new rider. Ten foot curtain rods were taken down so I could wash the curtains. Try doing that alone without bending the rods!

The rain finally stopped, too. Sunshine always improves my moods. I still cry easily. Last night, I watched Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and sat there blubbering like a fool, watching Ty and his crew help an entire poor neighborhood.

Maybe this is all hormone related. Maybe it's just all part of progressing from the caterpillar to the butterfly. It truly is an emotional journey of epic proportions.

Today, I am down to 217. I have gone from size 22 to womens size 18, at least for some things. This time, I know I can get rid of my clothes as they get too big. This time, I am not worried about gaining the weight back. The emotions are all tears of joy, punctuated with moments of fear as I shed my layers, my raincoat and my protection from the world. Take a deep breath, look in the full length mirror and realize that what I see there looks better every day. I am going where THIS woman has never gone before. But now I have to go to work.



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