Annual business dinner


Every year, we hold a customer appreciation dinner to thank those people who refer business to us. We also invite attorneys, appraisers and other folks who sponsor the dinner. It's a big event and we look forward to it every year. Many of these people we don't see all year. We communicate my email and phone most of the time now instead of delivering documents in person, so many of them had not seen me since I had surgery. The response was, as usual, amazing. Not only the weight loss and new found confidence, but the entire way I looked. I was told I just glowed. In the past, I dressed nice, but that was it. This year, I labored over choosing just the outfit, right down to the stocking color and shoes that coordinated perfectly. I had my nails done, worked at putting just the right eye makeup on, curled my hair to give it some body and sprayed it to stay there! I do believe I have become high maintenance and I love it!



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