A little struggling going on!


Hello to anyone reading this!!! Sometimes when I write this, I wonder if anyone really reads it, but I guess if it reaches one person, it is worth it! Actually, today I sat here and read all my entries from the beginning and it was good for me. I have been on a plateau for a while, it has been a little discouraging but as much as I want to complain and get mad, I really can’t! I would never be where I am today without surgery. Plateaus are expected and I know it will resolve itself. I just keep having to remind myself to have patience! I have someone compliment daily on how great I look, etc. so I am trying to keep a positive attitude about it all.

Having another issue that I need to address and I plan on contacting some of my fellow MGBers but I find myself heading to the fridge a lot again. Just random “looking for something to eat.” It is a bad habit that I thought was GONE, but it is not. It has crept back up on me again. I cannot let this happen! I won’t let this happen! I am not seeing results right now and maybe I am doing this out of frustration??? There are no excuses…NONE! It must stop! Of course, when I am snacking, it is not anywhere close to the quantity that I use to snack, but still, I have to break these habits for good!

Okay, so the plan this week is to exercise like a crazy woman, eat sensibly, three square meals (which I do) but one small snack in between twice a day and no random one cookie here and a couple of chips here, etc! UUGGGHHH!!!!!



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