50 pounds gone!


Today, I am down to 199. 50 pounds gone and I am thrilled that my weight no longer begins with a "2". Now is the place where I expect a little anxiety. I cannot remember weighing less than 200 in my adult life. I have no idea how I will look, what size I will wear or where the weight will come off. It's a fun kind of anxiety, though.

I have noticed lately that my appetite and what I can handle is changing. Maybe it always will. I used to love eggs. Now, they sit like rocks. I have no trouble with any kind of cereal, potato or salad, but beef and pork make me want to lie down for a while. I don't dump, I just feel "stuck". I love fresh fruit and vegetables that are so plentiful now, but I worry that I'm not getting enough protein. I drink a protein shake every morning, and I found lobster roll eaten on the sea shore settles nicely. Doesn't that figure!

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FYI: I just found this site and wanted to comment on an earlier entry re: the chicken and rice meal. No way can I eat rice--NO WAY- not even several years after--So, I think it was mostly the rice, and the chicken aggravated it, but seemed like the main culprit because that was what caused the aftertaste.



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