2 weeks out


It’s Thursday! I’ve been on the other side 14 days now. I am down 19 pounds. I can try real food today!! Real but soft, able to be squashed with a fork. I woke up early, excited about breakfast. I have to giggle to think I can be SO excited about eating 1 egg. Now I know how the people on Survivor felt when they got a can of Pringles!

I actually set the table, poured my V8 into a wine glass instead of drinking it from a can. I used a salad plate for my 1 fried egg. I took my time eating it. One bite, then I put the fork down for a few minutes, just to be sure it would settle OK. I actually was satisfied when I finished it. It feels wonderful to not want a big breakfast. I do wonder, though, will I ever be able to eat a pancake or waffle? I do live in the best place for maple syrup, you know, but I may never be able to tolerate its sweetness again.

For lunch, I ordered shepherd’s pie from the diner next to the office. Ground beef, mashed potato and corn. All can be smashed with a fork, so they are soft foods. It smelled yummy, as did the slice of garlic bread that came with it. I ate about 6 spoonfuls and I was satisfied. I took one tiny taste of the bread. I can’t say I was full. I don’t eat enough to feel “full” meaning “uncomfortable, push away from the table and lie on the couch” full. I think my mind is too aware that my baby belly was recently stapled and not to push it. I also eat slowly enough now that my stomach has time to tell my brain that I don’t need any more food.

I have been craving a hamburger patty. I want one made from lean ground round, cooked in my own kitchen, seasoned with lots of salt. I raced home after work to make just one, tiny patty and enjoy is like anyone else would enjoy a big pizza or steak dinner. Turns out, it was not a good idea. I ate it very slowly and it did taste wonderful, but about 10 minutes later, my belly didn’t feel too good. For 2 hours, I kept burping. That burger just didn’t know if it wanted to move on or move back up. It did finally go down, but I think I’ll wait a while before I do that again.

After a day of adventurous eating, it’s time for vitamins, Prilosec, Pepto-Bismol and Citrucel, my new bedtime snacks. Goodnight!



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