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Other Accidents

High Point Regional wishes to share the following list of standard benefits of property insurance policies. The guidelines below are neither all-inclusive nor required, but are the basic standards used by the majority of insurance companies.

Homeowner's/Renter's Insurance

If the homeowner/renter has medical payments coverage, it usually will not cover regular residents of the property. It will normally cover employees, visitors and injuries caused by animals of the property owner.

Landlord Premises Medical

This form of insurance usually does not cover injuries if they occurred in the area routinely occupied by the renter. However, the landlord may be held liable if the injury was the result of neglect on the part of the landlord. Premises Medical will usually pay without liability action being needed. A landlord’s Premises Medical will usually cover injuries in hallways, parking lots, etc., which the renter does not routinely occupy.

City Owner's Premises Medical

While this does not typically cover injuries on streets or sidewalks, it may pay for injuries in parks or other city-owned areas or buildings.

Business Owner's Premises Medical

Injuries incurred on the property (indoors or out-of-doors) will normally be paid for regardless of fault. However, the injured party may have to assert their rights through small claims court or other legal forums to force the business to pay. This coverage normally will not cover the insured business owner or employees.

Nursing Home Premises Medical

This type of insurance may only cover visitors to the nursing home who are injured on the property. Some policies cover residents/tenants. Check with your nursing home administrator for details of coverage.