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Childbirth- Brooke

The arrival
Callie Jo arrived Wednesday October 4th, 2006 at 4:22pm.
still waiting...
Well, my due date is almost here and the doctors have told me that it can be anytime now..
still waiting...
I am ready to meet my little baby! I have been trying to let him/her know that it is ok to go ahead and come on out!! I know I should be more patient but the anxiety is really about to get to me.
37 weeks
Well, I am 37 weeks now and I am really beginning to get anxious! I think I have most everything ready, I am still trying to get some stuff organized! I have the feeling that time is running out.
36 weeks
Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my 36 week appointment. I have not been feeling very well the last couple of days.
things to do....
I am almost 35 weeks now and I cannot beleive that I only have about a month left! I was given a baby shower yesterday and I was shocked by how many people came! I am so thankful that my family and friends
30 weeks
I went to the Dr. on friday and so far everything still seems to be going well. I am really getting excited...I finished registering this weekend and I hope that I have included everything...
One more to go...
Well, I have one more board exam left and then I hopefully I will have my license! The little baby has been very active and I am just amazed every time I feel him or her move.
Joey and I are finnally going to go to Babies R Us this weekend to register for everything. I am sure it will be overwhelming but very exciting! I just hope that it is not too time consuming.
28 weeks
Well, I am almost 28 weeks now and I had my glucose challenge test yesterday, which I passed. I was a little nervous that I might not pass it due to a family history of diabetes.
I have started working more since graduation and it has been kind of difficult to get used to getting up early! I am pretty tired by the time I get home from work but atleast I am not in school!! I still have
Well, I have felt the little one move in the past week!! It is a very unusual sensation!! I am really getting excited because now that I can feel it move I know that there is actually something living inside me
With boards just around the corner I am desperately trying to stay motivated!! I cannot wait to have them behind me...although then I will have to start working full-time:(! I still have not felt the baby move..
Today was graduation day, so I guess now I can be officially known as Dr. Brooke:)! Graduation was pretty tiring with all of the walking all over campus and the heat.
Telling my story
Well today has been interesting because Fox 8 came to interview me for blogging about my pregnancy. I have never been interviewed before or been on the news so I am pretty nervous about how I looked and sounded...
Emotional rollercoaster
Well, I am feeling pretty good today..
Doctor's appointment
Well yesterday we had our ultrasound and it was very exciting!! We were able to see all of the structures such as the heart, brain, eyes, legs, arms...etc...We did not find out the sex of the baby..
16 weeks
Well I am in my 16th week and things are going as planned. My clothes are beginning to feel tight, but that is a welcome sign because that means the baby is growing.
End of 1st trimester
Well, things seem to be going pretty well so far...I am begining my 2nd trimester and I am feeling pretty good.
Latest News
My husband and I went to the Doctor yesterday and everything seemed to be going fine. When we saw the baby on the ultrasound he/she was moving around alot and waving its arms and legs
Doctor's appointment
Well things seem to be going pretty well. It is kind of difficult during the first trimester because you do not necessarily "feel pregnant.
Exciting News
My husband and I have recently discovered that we are expecting a new addition to our family! This is our first child and we are very excited....