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Cancer- Perry

New Career?? - (Journal Entry: November 10, 2005)
Results from my follow-up CT Scan on Nov. 1 were fine and we appreciated the good news. Well, I continue to feel better all the time and my strength is coming back gradually.
Good Results! - (Journal Date: October 19, 2005)
Today I received good news from my PET/CT Scan that I am still "ALL CLEAR." This was my first 3-month follow-up scan which consisted of both a PET and CT Scan on a brand new piece of equipment. Dr.
MSNBC - (Journal Date: October 20, 2005)
MSNBC learned that the High Point Regional Health System was using patient blogs as a form of therapy for their patients.
1st Follow-up Scan - (Journal Date: October 17, 2005)
I have been doing a little better with the diet and exercise. Have taken off 11 pounds of the 30 total pounds gained during treatments. Have also resumed giving some golf lessons part-time.
Back to Life!! - (Journal Date: September 19, 2005)
Now that treatments are over, I'm starting to feel normal again. The sense of taste is back 100% and everything is sooooo good.
Porta-Cath Removed - (Journal Date: August 29, 2005 )
On Thursday, August 18th I had an appointment to see a surgeon about getting my porta-cath removed.
More Excitement - (Journal Date: August 14, 2005)
It has been six (6) weeks since my final chemo treatment and I am feeling better, but I'm still experiencing fatigue.
Really Good News!! - (Journal Date: July 13, 2005)
We finally received the great news that we have been hoping and praying for!!! My doctor reviewed my CT Scan from Monday and concluded that I had a Complete Response (CR) to the chemotherapy treatments
Life after Chemo - (Journal Date: 7/12/05)
I can't believe how much more tired I've been after Chemo Treatment No. 6!! I was able to bounce back within 3-4 days after the first couple of treatments.
Chemo No. 6 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: June 24, 2005)
Today we had the 9:00 a.m. chemo appointment so it seemed appropriate to bring in the breakfast bagels and fixin's from Panera Bread.
Chemo No. 6 - Wed. Session - (Journal Date 6/22/05)
Well, my last week of chemotherapy is finally here!!! The excitement is already building for Friday, which will be my very last chemo session.
San Francisco
Quite a bit has happened since my last entry following Chemo No. 5. I am staying very active and we did take a wonderful trip to San Francisco with the girls.
Chemo No. 5 - Wed. Session - (Journal Date: 6/1/05)
I always feel the best the last 7-10 days prior to my next chemo session. So my Dad planned a visit to see us over Memorial Day Holiday.
Chemo No. 5 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: 6/3/05)
I was paying bills the night before my chemo and started to get hot-flashes. I decided to go outside and sit on the front steps to cool off and watch the evening rain come down.
4th Post-Chemo Dr. Visit
You will notice that I finally caught my blog journal up with the present day. In other words, all previous entries have been from my notes and my memory, covering the fourteen (14) weeks since my diagnosis.
CT Scan No. 3
In preparation for this CT Scan, the doctor prescribed some pre-meds to avoid any allergic reaction to the contrast like I had with the last scan.
Chemo No. 4 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: 5/13/05)
Today we brought our youngest daughter (8) to the Cancer Center to have the benefit of experiencing the chemo process like her older sister did three weeks ago
Chemo No. 4 - Wed. Session - (Journal Date: 5/11/05)
Today I found the chemo nurses all dressed up in their regular (boring) health care professional uniforms of black and white. They must not have gotten the memo.....ALOHA PEOPLE!!
3rd Post-Chemo Dr. Visit - (Journal Date: 5/4/05)
Everything is looking good at the 50% complete stage. The frequent heartburn was becoming more severe, but now it is being controlled with a daily Nexium pill.
N. Myrtle Beach Golf - (Journal Date: 5/2/05)
Since the 10th annual Mountain Golf Trip was going to be postoned to allow us to participate in the Relay for Life, my friends put together a quick golf trip to Bay Tree Golf Club at North Myrtle Beach.
Back to Work!! - (Journal Date: 4/25/05)
Wanted to try going to work shortly after a chemo treatment. Worked most of the day, but I could tell that I was tired since I was awake since 1:00 a.m. (Thanks Prednisone!) Went home after about 6 hours.
Chemo No. 3 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: 4/22/05)
I feel good and extremely positive that today is the half way point of my treatments. Since the chemo room is usually quiet on Friday afternoons, we invited our oldest daughter to join us for treatment today.
Chemo No. 3 - Wed. Session - (Journal Date: 4/20/05)
I learned that the first week after chemo is a little rough, but the next two weeks I feel more like myself and I have good energy. Today I get to see my favorite nurses.
2nd Post-Chemo Dr. Visit - (Journal Date: 4/12/05)
My post-chemo visits include taking all my vitals, doing blood tests, and then I get an examination by my oncologist.
Mountain Golf Trip?? - (Journal Date: 4/11/05)
Each year I organize a golf trip to the North Carolina mountains for sixteen (16) golfers. Unfortunately, the golf trip always lands on the same weekend as the local Relay for Life.
CT Scan No. 2 - (Journal Date: 4/8/05)
After putting away all that delightful barium sulfate solution, I had my follow-up CT Scan. This time I had a slight allergic reaction to the contrast dye that is added intravenously during the procedure.
Bible Study - (Journal Date: 4/6/05)
I have been a Christian since a very young age. Approximately six months before my diagnosis, a dear friend of mine invited me to a non-denominational, Wednesday morning Bible Study by Search Ministries.
Life after Round No. 2 - (Journal Date: 4/4/05)
The typical side effects after Round 1 have returned after Round 2. Metallic taste of food and drinks, abdominal cramping, can't sleep after 3:00 a.m.
Chemo No. 2 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: 4/1/05)
Got to visit those crazy chemo nurses again today. I really enjoy cutting up with them and everyone has a good laugh. Today I got the 4 medicines in the CHOP recipe
Chemo No. 2 - Wed. Session - (Journal Date: 3/30/05)
I had chemo scheduled for the afternoon, so I borrowed a pick-up truck from a friend in the morning and hauled pine straw and landscaping mulch. It is a beautiful day, so we are getting the house ready for spring.
Feeling Really Good! - (Journal Date: 3/29/05)
It is the eve of my second round of chemo and I am feeling really good. I have recovered nicely from the effects of Chemo No. 1 and the past couple of weeks have been great.
1st Post-Chemo Dr. Visit - (Journal Date: 3/16/05)
After my first chemo treatments, the worst side effects included abdominal cramps, constipation, and fatigue for about 3-4 days.
Chemo No. 1 - Fri. Session - (Journal Date: 3/11/05)
The side effects of the first day of chemo (Rituxin) were not that noticeable. Today I get the rest of the CHOP recipe, but it should only take about 2 hours.
Porta-Cath Surgery - (Journal Date: 3/10/05)
Arrived at 9:00 a.m. at the HPRHS Hospital to have my poor chest hairs shaved.
Confirmed Diagnosis - (Journal Date: 3/9/05)
My HPRHS oncologist confirmed my diagnosis from Wake Forest Baptist Hospital with me and answered questions about my proposed treatment.
Final Diagnosis (D-Day) - (Journal Date: 3/4/05)
After twenty (20) very difficult and trying days, my final diagnosis was in! Several specialists at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital reviewed my case, pathology results, and subsequent tests.
MUGA Test - (Journal Date: 3/4/05)
The MUGA Test is an "at rest" test to determine the strength and condition of the heart.
PET Scan - (Journal Date: 3/3/05)
A PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography) is a way of making 3D images that show how the body works.
First Office Visit - (Journal Date: 2/16/05)
The High Point Regional Health System HPRHS Cancer Center is a new, state-of-the-art facility. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised by how modern and bright the facility and all the ammentities were.
After spending a couple of weeks at Christmas with family in Wisconsin, I returned with unusual sore throat symptoms.
Background / Pre-Diagnosis
I am a very active 45-year old male with a wonderful wife of 22 years (High School sweethearts!) and two lovely daughters ages 8 and 12.
Specialist - (Journal Date: 2/28/05)
Again, I was very fortunate to have worked with an excellent oncologist at the Baptist Medical Center.
Preparation - (Journal Date: 2/24/05)
Not knowing where this cancer journey was taking me, I had read about preparation for several different things.
Test Results - (Journal Date: 2/23/05)
Today there is high anxiety waiting for the test results from both the Bone Marrow Biopsy and the CT Scan.
CT Scan - (Journal Date: 2/18/05)
A CT Scan uses computers and x-rays to create pictures of the body's organs. The patient must drink two (2) Barium Sulfate solutions (450 ml each) prior to the procedure to create a dye for the x-rays to see.
Bone Marrow Aspiration/Biopsy - (Journal Date: 2/17/05)
Talk about your pain in the butt!!...how about a needle inserted into the small of your back into one hip joint (and then the other hip joint just for good measure) at 7:00 a.m
Blogging??? - (Journal Date: 5/15/05)
It is the Sunday after my chemo treatments, which means that I go in for my Neulasta shot after church.