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Parking Information


Welcome to High Point Regional. Our commitment to making your stay as pleasant as possible starts with our parking program. Our patient and visitor parking program ensures
that parking is always available to you. It also allows us to have staff monitor the parking areas. We have five parking areas reserved for you, depending on the reason for your visit.

Emergency Center Parking Lot

Reserved for patients who have driven themselves to the Emergency Center

Hayworth Cancer Center Parking Lot

Reserved for patients with an appointment with a physician in the Cancer Center

Carolina Regional Heart Center Parking Area

Reserved for patients of Carolina Cardiology Associates or Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons of High Point

Pinewest OB/GYN Parking Area

Reserved for patients of Pinewest OB/GYN 

Patient & Visitor Parking Deck

All visitors and patients not included above should park in the Patient/Visitor Parking Deck. Rates for the deck are:

0 - 15 minutes...... FREE      2 - 3 hours...... $3.00 
16 - 59 minutes...... $1.00      3 - 4 hours...... $4.00 
1 - 2 hours...... $2.00      4 hours - all day...... $5.00

All patients receive free parking for the day of discharge, by showing their discharge papers. The parking deck accepts cash and checks only.

Long-term parking passes for visitors are available for $18.00 worth one week. If you anticipate the need for 4 days or more of parking in a week, then this would be your best buy. For passes, or if you have any questions concerning our parking program, please call (336) 886-8983.

Emergency Department

Parking for those in need of emergency medical attention is located at the 
Ray Avenue entrance beside the entrance to the Emergency Center. 


Patient and Visitor Parking

Parking for inpatients, outpatients, and visitors is located in the Patient and 
Visitor Parking Deck. The deck is accessible from both the Elm Street and 
Westwood Avenue entrances.

For more information about parking during your hospital stay click here.