Welcome Employees

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Checking In

So you've gotten instructions from your doctor's office about what to do
before you visit High Point Regional Health. They've even told you what time to be here. But when it's time to actually come to High Point Regional, where do you go?

When you arrive at High Point Regional Hospital we want your check-in to be as smooth as possible. So whether you are coming to High Point Regional as an outpatient or an inpatient we ask that you proceed directly to our Patient entrance. The Patient Entrance is located adjacent to the patient and Visitor Parking Deck, facing Elm Street. Upon entering through the Patient Entrance you will be greeted and escorted to the Admitting Department where we will register you for your procedure or stay.

If you have questions, please call our Admitting Department at
(336) 878-6002.


High Point Regional Health  •  601 North Elm St   •   High Point, NC 27262