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Vascular Services

The High Point Regional Health Vascular Services offer a multidisciplinary approach aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the arteries and veins. Departments which make up Vascular Services include the Cardiac Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology, the Non-invasive Lab, the Operating Room, the Vascular Lab and specialized nursing units. Physician services can be provided by a Cardiologist, an Interventional Radiologist and/or a Vascular Surgeon. This team approach provides patients with expert care and continuity in treatment.

If, after evaluation of your problem, a surgical or an interventional procedure is required, you may go to an Intermediate Care Unit on the fourth floor or on the sixth floor of the hospital. Some interventional procedures allow patients to go home the same day. In those instances, you may go to the Day Hospital, on the third floor of Carolina Regional Heart Center. All the units have nurses who are trained in caring for patients with specific vascular diseases.

To ease your hospital stay, a Patient Care Coordinator is assigned to you the moment you have your vascular surgery or intervention. A Patient Care Coordinator is a registered nurse who provides patient/family education and discharge planning. She reviews your progress and works with you and your family to assist with any additional needs that occur during your hospitalization. She also helps to evaluate the need for other services after you are discharged. Social workers can arrange services deemed necessary for home care.

Many specially trained professionals assess, treat and evaluate your health care progress while you are a patient to make sure you receive the highest quality of care.