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Clinical Research Specialists

The commitment to participate in a research study has been the key to finding the crucial answers we need to fight cancer. Clinical research trials have been present in large academic institutions for decades.

In the late 1980’s researchers realized that this concentration only allowed them access to 20-percent of all cancer patients. Eighty percent of all patients were still seen in community settings that were convenient, comfortable and increasingly advanced in technology. With the onset of computers and fax machines, the idea of allowing patients to receive a novel treatment under the guidance of a clinical trial yet maintain the patient’s lifestyle was feasible. Community cancer clinical trials were started, dramatically increasing participation in clinical trials and helping make that decline in cancer deaths possible.

The High Point Regional Health Cancer Center has been part of that research revolution. Since 2002, hundreds of patients have taken part in a cancer clinical trial here in High Point.
  • New radiation treatments for breast cancers were studied here.
  • Our local patients have had the opportunity to undergo genetic testing on their cancer free of charge.
  • One patient is the very first recipient in the United States of a brand new drug for ovarian cancer.
  • None of these patients had to travel any further than our hospital to afford them this opportunity.
The commitment of High Point Regional Health Cancer Center through the office of Clinical Research is dramatically impacting cancer care and research daily. It has truly been in keeping with our motto of “providing exceptional health services to the people of our region.” We are confident, through your support, that High Point can help make the number of cancer deaths continue to decline each and every year from now on.