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Medex Program

Healthcare is changing.

Today, there is a growing interest in the prevention of disease and the disease process. Making healthy lifestyle choices is the focus of this preventative movement, and participating in a regular exercise program is at its foundation. Many agree that exercise is medicine, and is one of the only interventions recommended for virtually every type of condition.

Medically Supervised Exercise

The Fitness Center at High Point Regional Health is at the forefront of preventative medicine with its MedEx program (medically supervised exercise). MedEx is designed for individuals who need better management of their risk factors associated with disease. Being proactive and taking charge of your life can reduce these risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, overweight or obesity, sedentary lifestyle and stress, while improving your quality of life.

Utilizing various resource tools, the professional staff will design a personalized, easy to follow exercise program, targeting those risk factors you need to control. There are two levels of programming, along with specified workout hours for our MedEx members, allowing for a greater degree of supervision and guidance. This, along with the ongoing review and progression of the exercise program, and the consistent monitoring of vital physiological parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and/or oxygen saturation levels is what makes The Fitness Center at High Point Regional unique. This level of care is unsurpassed, promoting a safe, effective environment that encourages participation and enhances positive outcomes.

In addition, The Fitness Center provides free monthly educational seminars on wellness-related topics and a variety of group exercise classes that can be attended at no extra charge. On-site nutritional counseling and massage therapy are also available.

Contact The Fitness Center at (336) 878-6221 for information about signing-up.