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About The Director

Bob Forman
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
Director, The Golf Fitness Academy at
High Point Regional

Bob is a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute and the Flexor motor learning program. His attributes include a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, 30+ years working in the fitness field, and a passion for the game of golf.  This unique combination sets him apart and has afforded him a wealth of hands-on experience that he relies upon when working with golfers to improve their game.  His biggest thrill is getting injured players back out on the golf course. 
Consulting for several clubs and resorts in the Greensboro and Myrtle Beach areas, Bob’s client list includes golfers of all levels and ages including juniors up through and including tour players.  He’s been featured in the Carolinas Golf Association magazine, has appeared on television and radio, and offers Golf Fitness Clinics up and down the east coast.  

Contact Us:
Phone: 336-878-6000, press 1 then ext. x2393
E-mail: rforman@hprhs.com