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Culp Women's Center

Lifelong Care for Women

Emerging Women

Culp Women's Center's services for women 18 and older, exclusive of childbirth and menopause, include:
  • Breast Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Fitness
  • QuitSmart Smoking

Nurturing Women

For women going through the years of childbearing & parenting, Culp Women's Center offers programs that focus on pregnancy, postpartum and parenting education. Our curriculum includes classes in:

  • Infant Feeding & Breastfeeding
  • Expectant Parenting
  • Hospital Tours for Expectant Parents & Family

Postpartum & Parenting

  • Welcome Newborn On-line Nursery–Exclusively offered at High Point Regional
  • Mommy & Me!
  • Certified Lactation Consultants
  • Heartstrings (for perinatal loss)

Transitional Women

To provide for the needs of women during perimenopause and menopause, Culp Women's Center offers classes, resources and support groups that include:
  • Red Hot Mamas Menopause Management Program
  • Mammography
  • Heart Health Education
  • Fitness Consulting
  • Emotional Health Evaluation
  • Caregiving for older parents

Graceful Women

For women who have passed menopause, our focus shifts to health maintenance, aging and quality of living topics that include:
  • Mammography
  • Weight Management
  • Heart Health Education
  • Fitness Advice
  • Emotional Health
  • Caregiving for older parents

For more information about Culp Women's Center's services, and for times and locations of upcoming programs and meetings, call (336) 878-6888 or toll free (877) 878-7644.