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Physical Therapy

The Rehab Center's services include a wide variety of physical therapy, from orthopedic and sports rehabilitation to neuro rehab and pediatric therapy. We have the facilities, staff and expertise to help patients address the challenges associated with musculoskeletal and neurological impairments.

We also offer specialty programs such as:

  • Sports Injury Treatment - Treatment for sports-related injuries in any level of athlete.
  • A Spine Center - Credentialed therapists specialize in treating all spinal dysfunctions. 
  • Neuro Clinic - Collaborative treatment program for patients with neurological impairments.
  • The Amputee Clinic - Amputees with prosthesis fitting and activity training.
  • Manual Therapy - Special treatment techniques which concentrate on restoring joint and soft tissue movement.
  • Aquatic Therapy Program - Our in-house pool allows our licensed physical therapists to design individualized aquatic therapy programs.
  • Lymphedema Program - Treatment for patients with edema, due to impaired venous and lymphatic flow, often associated with surgery such as mastectomy.
  • Cancer Fatigue Program- Treatment and education for patients with cancer-related fatigue.  
  • Pediatric Program - Evaluation and treatment of physical impairments in children of all ages, often in combination with Occupational or Speech Therapy.

Our Locations:

The Rehab Center
600 N. Elm Street
High Point, NC 27262

The Rehab CenterPremier
4590 Premier Drive
High Point, NC 27265

The Rehab CenterThomasville
711 National Highway, Suite 300
High Point, NC 27265