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Treating Obesity

How is obesity treated? That depends on you, on your level of obesity, on your overall health condition, even on your readiness to lose weight.

Your first step should be an appointment with your physician. He or she can provide you with advice on how to get started with finding a solution. Treatment can include a combination of diet, exercise, behavior modification and sometimes, weight-loss drugs.

There is one other option, depending on you and on your particular situation. The National Institutes of Health says: “Weight loss surgery for the morbidly obese, when combined with behavior modification, is currently the most reliable and only choice for long term maintenance of excess weight loss.” An AHRQ study found that the number of Bariatric surgeries grew from 8,000 per year in 1995 to 123,000 in 2004. That is an increase of 1437.5-percent.