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Patient Testimonials

April Rich
"I finally have the body that can keep up with my life. I am a wife, a mother, a graduate student, and business development manager for my company who is always on the go. Losing the weight has given me more energy than I could have imagined. Being healthy is empowering and I feel like I can do anything I desire.

Bariatric surgery has given me summers at Outer Banks running with my kids down the beach, family hikes at the mountains in the fall and the ability to make beautiful memories with my family that I will treasure forever."

Gregory Louya
“I inherited part of my weight problem from my father.  Before my surgery I gained and lost weight nine times. At my heaviest, 445 pounds, I was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, and was always physically exhausted. I had to take serious action to survive. As a busy interior designer, I needed stamina to do my job, and my appearance was key to my image. I researched surgery options for five years, and I chose this program because I trusted these doctors with my life.  Every member of the staff cared about me and my success. I’ve lost 200 pounds since my surgery. I haven’t taken my diabetes medicine since I left the hospital and the last time I had my blood work done it was the first time in 10 years that it had been in the perfect range. The sleeve gastric bypass surgery gave me back my life. I’ve never been more creative, positive or energized!”

Carlisa Galloway
“I dieted for years and my weight went up and down. My grandmother was morbidly obese and had to literally be cut out of her house when she was 65.  That scared me very much, and as a last resort, I had lap band surgery in July 2009. I wasn’t really nervous because I had asked so many questions, and received such informative and thoughtful answers, that I knew everything I needed to know. I couldn’t have been better prepared. And after the surgery, the doctors and staff were always there for me.  I changed my entire mental attitude about food, and made a commitment to exercise five times a week for 45 minutes. I’m still on this journey, and plan to lose more weight. I’ve never been happier or more confident. I’ve turned into a healthy and fit woman.”

Brian Allison
“My weight became an issue after I hurt myself at work when I was 21. I had several surgeries on my ankles and knees, and started putting on a lot of pounds. The extra weight made me very uncomfortable and I began  having other serious health problems like high blood pressure, and found out I was borderline for diabetes.  I researched the local programs for two years and chose this one because I trusted the doctors and knew that they had a good track record for the outcomes.  I lost a total of 270 pounds – 200 within the first year. At 190 I’m actually below my target weight of 250 and have weighed as low as 183. My life changed so much – I’m back to activities I did as a teenager. And a year after me, my wife had the surgery. The transformation in our lives is amazing."

Melonia Stockner

“It has been over five years since I had my sleeve gastric bypass surgery and it has completely changed my life. My starting weight on February 2004 was 292 lbs and I now weigh 124 lbs. Yes, a total weight loss of 168 lbs and reduced my clothing size from a 24 to 2/4. I lost 142 lbs in the first year alone! The SGB has given me my life back as there is nothing that I can’t do anymore as I do not have to worry about the fear of my weight preventing me from doing something. Now, I go hiking, skydiving, zip lining….you name it!”

Teresa Allison
“I had my sleeve bypass surgery last May, almost a year after my husband. I watched him go through every step of the process and lose 270 pounds in that year. We had tried so many diets together over the past 23 years, and this was the first thing that had really worked. He was now so much more active, and I wanted to feel as good as he clearly did. We were empty nesters and it was time for us to enjoy life together.  I had a little trepidation as I knew it would mean major changes in my approach to food, but by experiencing his journey, and sharing in his success, I knew it was the right decision. After I had trusted these doctors with my husband, I felt confident that I would have a similar outcome. And now 80 pounds lighter, and continuing to lose, both of us are having the time of our lives!” Teresa Allison

Robert Henderson
”As the first man to join Weight Watchers in High Point, I have quite a long history of losing and gaining back weight through a variety of programs and exercise plans.  After twenty years of enjoying relatively good health I found the weight was starting to creep back on.  I was suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. I found out about mini sleeve bypass surgery and started going to the clinics where I learned everything I could about the surgery. I preferred this procedure because it was simpler than others and a lot less invasive. I lost 98 pounds in 10 months and never took another cholesterol lowering pill after I left the hospital. Besides losing all that weight, there are so many other great improvements in my life.  I have more energy. My joints don’t hurt. No more headaches and no more snoring! This is the best I have felt in years!”